Training your Pet for Travel

Courtesy of: soniastravels

Learn travel tips on how to acclimate your pet when travelling.

So, here it is…

1 – Help Pet Love Carrier

Training your Pet for Travel

First of all, help your pet love their carriers. So, if the carrier is a comfortable, happy place and not a new weird place. Life is gonna be a lot easier for them and for you.

So what you need to do is get your carrier ahead of time and create happy associations to it.
First make the proper introductions. You are very happy about this carrier. Hence, your pet is very happy about it. So, give them some treats inside the carrier. Maybe, play with them nearby. Put toys that they like. Whatever makes your pet very very happy, do it in the carrier, within the carrier space.

2 – Acclimation

Training your Pet for Travel

Slowly start putting your pet in the carrier for extended periods of time. And what you wanna do is to do it gradually. So, maybe the first time, you’ll only do it for 10 minutes.

Training your Pet for Travel

And while your there maybe your at your desk and your pet is next to you. That way, they know that they’re gonna be taken out after awhile. So maybe the first time is 10 minutes. Then do it for half an hour. Then you do it for an hour. Then for three hours. So the idea that’s getting in there is that “oh, this is a great place. I know mommy’s gonna take me out”

Once we are used to our carrier.

3 – Recreation

Training your Pet for Travel

We wanna try to recreate what a plane ride would be like. And Cesar Millan – wonderful man. He recommends that you put your carrier on the floor of your car as you’re riding. So that actually imitates the vibrations of the plane. So, they’re not gonna be this huge surprise when they’re there.

4 – Wee-Wee Pads

Training your Pet for Travel

If you haven’t, you should train your dog to use wee-wee pads. And all this is, is a flat diaper. Now, mucho knows that wherever he sees one of these. He is allowed to pee. So, for example, if I’m at a hotel room and it’s a space that he doesn’t know, it’s new. What I do is that, I’ll wait till the next morning when I know that he has to go. And I put one of these wee-wee pads in the bathroom and I take him there. And I let him do his business. That way, he understands that that’s where the wee-wee pad is and he knows that’s where he has to go.

5 – Positive Associations

The idea is to have as many positive associations as you can. So, for example, Mucho loves this blanket

Training your Pet for Travel

So, I always take the blanket. Now, make sure that it’s as homey as it can be. So, don’t wash it before you go.

Okay. So what to do with your pet while you’re there. I got to say, Mucho is crazy well behaved. So, what I do is that, I wake up very early in the morning. And I give him a long walk to drain every bit of energy out of him.

Training your Pet for Travel

And then, during the day, I either take him with me in his carry on or walking if he’s allowed to. Or if he has to stay in the room, he stays in the room as long as he needs to.

I do hope these tips help you out. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your pet used to what’s coming. It’s gonna make both of your lives an easier and less stressful one.