Top 10 Friendly Dogs

Dogs form strong bonds with family and kids. They care for their owners and love them unconditionally. Here’s a list of the top 10 friendly dogs perfect for family and kids as pets.

10) Bulldogs are devoted, patient and friendly dogs for kids.


9) Beagles are smart, friendly and active dogs who love outdoor activities.


8) Bull Terriers were originally bred as companion dogs, they are friendly and affectionate.


7) Collies are gentle and predictable breed which are easily trainable. They love to please their owners and get along well with children.


6) Newfoundland

It is nicknamed as “nature’s babysitter” and they are very protective of young children. They love to spend time with family.


5) Viszla

This breed are energetic, confident, obedient and smart dogs. They form great bond with the family and more suitable for active families.


4) Irish Setter is a breed which love to be around with their family. They hate to be alone and behaves very well when family is around them.


3) Poodle

They come in both standard and miniature sizes, the standard breed is smart and adventurous while miniatures are dedicated to one person.


2) Labrador

They get along well with other animals and any new member of the family. They are easy to train and take trainings well.


1) Golden Retriever

They are smart, confident and family friendly dogs. They are very patient which makes them a perfect match for kids.

golden retrievers

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