Never Knew There Was Such A Thing as A Slow Feed Cat Bowl

slow feed cat bowl

I have two cats – Hunter (the black one) and TC (the mixed one). These are my babies that I’ve had for almost 8 years.

Every morning they jump in my bed about 6am meowing waiting me to feed them. I get up and pour their dry cat food into their bowls and they literally attack it like they’ve never seen food before. Now, this wouldn’t really seem like much of an issue, but the problem is that Hunter (the black cat) tends to vomit up his food after he eats.

I am always online, so I “Googled” it, and came across this article

First she recommends get the cat checked to make sure it’s healthy, I know Hunter is healthly, so I skipped that…

So, I kept reading and this is from the article and it fits Hunter exactly….

So what about the cat that checks out completely normal, but still chronically vomits undigested kibble soon after eating? I affectionately refer to these cats that binge and then purge as “Scarf & Barf” kitties. I find that many of these cats are simply eating faster than their body can handle. They will gobble the food, often barely chewing. (Cat owners often notice that the vomited kibble looks not only undigested, but unchewed) Then within a few minutes, they will vomit or regurgitate most of that meal. You may see the pile of kibble laying on the floor.

Her solution?

I find that the best way to stop the annoying vomit is to slow down how fast they eat.

Then she gave four recommendations – the 4th one made the most sense to me

Option #4 is to really make the cat work for the food by feeding through food dispensing toys


So now with this information, I went over to Amazon and typed in “slow feed cat bowl” and found a bunch, but I picked one that seemed like the best one and I liked the color.

slow feed cat bowlIt was by Simply Pets Online and it comes in purple or ivory. When I first opened it, it was larger than I expected, but thats a good thing. I poured the food in it, and took them MUCH longer to eat the food, but they actually looked like they were having fun eating!

After just ONE day of using this Hunter has not once vomited up his food! Why did I not get this earlier??? Poor guy, I feel like I was a bad mommy for like ever and all I needed was to get this slow feeding cat bowl.

Well, now I know – and hope this helps others out there.

Once again, VERY happy with this purchase and I recommend it to all cat owners !
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