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Improving one’s rank within Amazon can be a very difficult task, and can take a long time, especially in a competitive niche. Although this can be difficult, it is not surprising this cat urine remover by Remove Urine LTD has accomplished this feat due to the fact that it is a high quality product and very much in demand for pet owners. It also continues to get great reviews from satisfied customers. has a unique ranking system that uses a variety of different factors to create the rankings of their products. These factors includes the amount of sales, the seller performance as well as product reviews. Amazon then gathers all of those factors into consideration and then determines the ranking of the products. This unique ranking system is one reason customers continue to shop on Amazon because it helps customers make better buying decisions .

“Removing pet stains, specifically removing dog urine or finding a cat urine remover that actually works and doesn’t smell terrible, is something that almost every pet owner has to deal with. We wanted to make sure we created the best solution out there that not only works great, but is economical for the pet owner. We are thrilled that we have so many satisfied customers,” says Leo, a company representative.

Based on user reviews, Remove Urine LTD has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

“We have a new puppy that’s not quite finished with training. This stuff works great and I’ve tried them all!” Said Cathy H., a happy customer.