Natural Ways To Prevent Fleas

retriever348572_1280Are you finding that fleas are a problem with your dog? Do you feel as though you have tried everything to get them off your pet with no luck? Are you looking for an alternative treatment than harsh chemicals that simply lead to more problems in terms of safety for yourself, your home, and your dog? Luckily, we are here with several ideas to motivate you and help your dog deal with fleas, all of which are natural and safe for everyone involved.


• A good, old fashioned bath
While your dog may not love getting a bath, it’s sure to be good for his fleas. Fleas are known for losing their grip on your dog’s fur in water, so they fall off and then drown. While it may take some effort from you, it’s certainly safe and worth a try if your dog has fleas.

• Treat pests with other pests!
Dogs pick up insects like fleas outside your home, so one way to tackle them is to use pests to take care of fleas. Worms and ladybirds are a great couple of suggestions. They love having a snack on fleas and flea larvae, so consider introducing them to your garden so they can help you out in terms of pest control.

• Citrus juice
While this isn’t ideal for dogs, seeing as their sensitive sense of smell won’t like this much, spraying citrus juice on your pet will help deter fleas. Make sure it’s citrus juice and not oil, as oil can have multiple and serious problems for your dog.

• Keep everything clean
A great option (that is great for many kinds of pests) is simply keeping your home and garden clean and organized. Fleas love living in dirt, so by eliminating dirt from your home in the first place, you’ll find that you are much less likely to find fleas on your pet or inside your home.

If all else fails, you may need to call in a good London pest control service, but trying a combination of these ideas can certainly do nothing but help, so pick a few of these that you find most beneficial and try them together for an even stronger result. Who says you need chemicals to fight fleas, anyway? We’re here to show you that sometimes all you need is a good idea and some elbow grease in order to get the job done right the first time. Now, if only getting rid of other pests were this easy…