Maltese centuries ago

This breed has captured the hearts of lovers of beautiful and exquisite puppies for centuries. The original name was Melitae, it was given to these dogs by the ancient Romans, who called Malta by that name. It is believed that the first dog that resembled the modern Maltese, appeared 6000 years BC. In the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II statues of dogs were found, which resemble Maltese. For centuries, these dogs were considered a precious diplomatic gift.

Formation of the breed

In China, Maltese dog for sale were mostly exchanged for fine silk. The final formation of the breed took place in England in the XIX century. At that time, a Maltese was shown at an exhibition and immediately became one of the most popular dogs. Queen of Scots Mary Stuart was a lover of Maltese. An interesting fact is that one of the dogs of the Queen escorted her to her execution. Queen Victoria also loved dogs of this breed. She had a Maltese, named Chico. The mother of Queen Victoria also had dogs of this breed.

The Maltese today

Today, there are cosmetics that help maintain the beautiful view of the dogs of this breed. If you are looking for Maltese puppies for sale, remember that this is not just a beautiful accessory like a Swiss watch or expensive clothing. This is a sensitive dog that suffers the worst lack of emotion and attention by its owner. It needs a lot of love, games and tenderness.

Caring for a Maltese

Maltese requires quite intensive care to keep its good looks. Dogs of this breed need combing every day. Some owners prefer to cut the hair short, but this has a detrimental effect of the general appearance of the dog, known for the beauty of its long hair. On the head it is formed as a funny protruding strand using rubber bands or ribbons. Every two weeks the hair between the claws of Maltese must be clipped to avoid mats, which are painful for the dog. When bathing your pet, use conditioner to comb the coat easily. The area around the eyes must be regularly cleaned. You should bathe your Maltese at least once every ten days. During hot summer days you can bathe your puppy every three or four days. Don’t forget that representatives of this breed hate to be left alone and in such cases can show destructive behavior.