How to Properly Clean your Dog’s Ear

dog ear cleanerTaking care of your dog’s hygiene needs is incomplete if the ears are not kept clean. However, cleaning a dog’s ear is often not the easiest thing to do. In fact, most dog owners will probably agree that it is their least-favored dog grooming activity.
Why is taking care of a dog’s ear so detested? Well, to begin with, a dog’s ear is constructed with complex channels and folds that make it difficult to get into them. In addition to that, the design and depth of the ears of your furry friends can become cozy homes to a host of disgusting little creatures, dirt and debris.
Furthermore, trying to clean a dog’s ear could prove more difficult than giving them a bath, since they won’t sit still, and are prone to shake out the contents of their ear to all who are standing nearby. Yuck!
So, how do you properly clean your pup’s ear without causing discomfort but still getting it clean as a whistle? Here are a few tips to make it easier, safer, and probably even fun for both you and your pet as you clean their ears over time.
1. Making them Comfortable
The first thing you want to focus on when cleaning your dog’s ear, is to get him to relax. Patting his head might be a good start but won’t be enough for such a tedious task. Start creating linkages between cleaning the ears and things your dog might like, especially treats. What that means is that when you’re cleaning your dog’s ear, reward him with a treat whenever he cooperates with something you’re trying to do, such as standing still while inspecting his ears, or applying dog ear cleaner. The reward system is mentioned in many great dog product reviews and is one of the most effective methods used to get dogs to relax and cooperate when trying to get them to do what you want. Over time, this will help you to clear the first major hurdle.

2. Use Gentle Ear Cleaners
There are many ear cleaners on the market but be careful when choosing one for your four-legged companion, and possibly best friend. Many contain harsh chemicals that may physically burn your dog or dry out their ears. Unless otherwise prescribed by a veterinarian, seek out natural cleaners that are plant based and soap-free. Additionally, a mild vinegar solution may also be used to clean the ears of your dog and keep them free of bugs, mites, dirt, and wax.

3. Avoid Q-tips
As much as possible, try to avoid using Q-tips or other solid objects in your dog’s ears. You risk damaging the delicate eardrums of your dog, not to mention causing them unnecessary pain, when using these types of hard objects. Instead, use cotton balls to suck up liquid or clean away debris from the entrance of your dog’s ear as you clean it. Be patient. Cleaning may take a while, depending on how dirty your dog’s ears are, but taking the time to use the right tools and cleaners on your dog’s ear will be beneficial for you and your pet.

4. Have Everything at Hand
Being prepared will help you and your dog have an agreeable experience when cleaning their ears. Gather all the items you need to clean your dog’s ears, including gloves, cotton, ear cleaner, towels, and anything else you might need, before you begin to clean the ears. That way, it will be a smooth process, which prevents you from having to leave your dog and possibly put him off.
Cleaning your dog’s ear is just something you have to do, if you want your pet to be in tip-top shape for years to come. Fortunately, taking the time to follow the above steps could make it a pleasant experience every time.

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