How to Eliminate Cat Litter Odor

One of the biggest problems for owners and lovers of cats is the litter box. Cats love being clean and you must have taken notice of the fact that they like cleaning themselves too. This is a clear indication that they love being in a clean environment too. If not well taken care of the litter box may develop unpleasant odor. This is why it is necessary for you to learn about the best methods on how to eliminate cat litter odor.

Good quality kitty litter

This is the best starting point when you are dealing with your cat’s litter box. The kitty litter absorbs the urine while also covering the feces hence reducing the development of odor and the formation of bacteria. There are natural options such as wheat or corn varieties, which are environmental friendly. However, the challenge with using them is their low ability to control odor. If you opt to use any of these litters, its vital that you add some baking powder into the mix as this will help to control odor between cleanings and your cats will enjoy the freshness that this offers. In addition, there are odor control formulas that have very strong smell that works superbly well to eliminate bad smells. You will find that there are scented and non-scented kitty litters in the market and your choice depends on what works better for your cats.
Use of sprays and deodorizers

There are wide brands of deodorizers and sprays that you can use to eliminate cat-litter odor. The problem is that most of them present short-term solutions. Most of them are biodegradable and may be composted safely. Since they are absorbent, they help to make matters better. Depending on how hard you search, there is no doubt that you are able to get a spray or a deodorizer that can suppress cat litter odor.
Use of chlorine bleaches

Most of the odor in cat boxes emanate from the pee and pool that cling to the sides and on the bottom of the pan after you have everything out. Chlorine bleach has the ability to neutralize the pee, so anytime you use it, there is no doubt that you can manage it effectively. However, it is vital that any debris be removed on weekly basis.
Constant cleaning

This is the number one rule in ensuring that your kitty’s litter box does not smell bad. You need to ensure that you scoop the box at least two times every day, getting rid of liquid chumps and solids that are available there. If you follow a stringent cleaning program, you may stand a better chance of eliminating the cat litter odor.
Use of commercial kitty products

There are Fresh’n Purr products that can be used to eliminate cat litter odor. Some of these products include bag, Freshn. Others are Freshn Purr™ Pet-Litter-Deodorizer-Mist – 8 oz. These commercial cat litter elimination products are incredibly good and are available at pocket friendly prices. They are perfectly formulated and have been proven to deliver outstanding results.