Homemade Moisturizing Dog Shampoo

Using a homemade moisturizing shampoo can be one of the best way to maintain your little buddy’s hair without causing you to spend too much money. You can also help save the environment.

So here’s a simple and easy tutorial you  can follow to successfully make a moisturizing shampoo. Let’s get started.

First- Put 4 cups of hot water.


Second- One cup of vinegar (You can use an apple cider vinegar.)
Apple cider vinegar that has a lot of good elements for dogs coat.


Next, Add three spoons of unscented liquid castile soap, which will serve as our base.


Now you can add one table spoon of coconut oil. Fatty acids or butter can easily get into your dog’s hair shaft and moisturize its coat.


You can also add 3 drops a lavender oil. It helps with itching and scratching. Lastly this will be a good factor to make your dog more pleasant to smell.


After putting all the ingredients together. Mix it using a whisk.


After so, you can now transfer it to any container you want, you can use spray bottle if you want. Then you’re all set.


You already have your homemade moisturizing shampoo, that is cheap and safe. I hope you enjoy this article.

If you want to watch the full video, click it here. Thank you!