Dog Ear Infection and Ear Drops For Dogs – Beware Dog Ear Medication

Dog Ear Infection and Ear Drops For Dogs – Beware Dog Ear Medication
Dog ear infection is one of the top health issues for canines. Ear drops for dogs are prescribed by veterinarians or natural dog ear treatment is used by those seeking alternative treatment for ear infection in dogs.You’re about to see why it is important to beware dog ear medication and take care what is being given for your precious pups.
We love our dogs and when they are not feeling well, we aren’t either.Getting them proper veterinary treatment as needed helps to keep them in good health.We rely on the veterinarian for advice and expertise on the prescriptions given.
While many are quite effective, they can also have dangerous side effects. Chronic ear infection in dogs  is generally treated by administering antibiotic ear drops for dogs. The trouble is, with chronic ear problems, the dog ear medication is required frequently. It is known that some popular prescription ear drops for dogs can cause hearing loss. This is no joke! It is a dangerous side effect and very real. The LAST thing anyone wants is for their dog to lose the ability to hear because of the need to relieve the symptoms of dog ear infection.

For an occasional dog ear problem, most likely your dog isn’t going to lose its’ hearing. However, most definitely it’s in order to beware ear drops for dogs in order to treat a dog with chronic ear infection issues.

If the dog suffers ear yeast infection and has flare-ups over and over again, the best solution may be to try natural remedies over prescription meds. Sometimes giving a regular treatment to the affected ears can help to keep the problem from escalating to the point where the dog’s ears are too tender and painful. Giving a natural treatment on a weekly basis may be helpful in keeping the ear yeast under control without over using prescription ear medication for dogs ears. One natural formula safe and effective for treatment of ear yeast infections in dogs is called Dr Dogs Ear Oil. It is natural antibiotic with pain reliever to soothe the ears when necessary. This is also an effective remedy for ear mites in dogs, a way to get rid of ear mites in dogs without using harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Adjusting the dog’s diet can also be helpful for some canines that suffer excess ear yeast. Avoiding corn and wheat are recommended. Giving a tablespoon of natural unflavored yogurt into the daily food can help stabilize yeast within the dog and may help also.

Inspect your dog’s ears from time to time. Be sure they are clean and free of excess dirt. If you find them to be red, swollen, tender to the touch or with a discharge then it’s time to take action as these are signs of dog ear infection or issues with dog ear mites that may be infesting your pup. Don’t delay. Take action right away because ear infections in dogs aren’t going to go away without treatment. Ear mites in dogs aren’t going away without treatment either and in fact, they will multiply and spread rapidly to any other pets in your home.

If your dog starts shaking their head, rubbing the ears on everything around the house, whining or crying because of ear ache pain – DO get started with effective dog ear treatment and DO take care with prescription ear drops for dogs. Use only as directed and don’t use chemicals for chronic ear conditions. Be safe and don’t risk it – hearing loss in dogs is a real issue and while deaf dogs can function well, having the ability to hear is not something to take for granted.