Choosing The Best Kennel For Your Dog

Getting your dog a home is something that needs to be carefully considered. Questions such as where to

put it, what is the right size and which type of kennel to get should all be mulled over and discussed in

detail to ensure that the right choice for your dog is made.

Dogs are very sensitive animals and, contrary to what some people may believe, are very peculiar about

where they lay their head. Whether you are making a kennel from scratch or buying one, you should get

to know your dog in detail before doing either. This may be a bit harder if you have several dogs, since

some dogs may be fussy when made to stay with others in a confined space. You may have to get more

than one kennel in such instances.


croft-228x228If you have already been using a crate to get your dog used to the idea of kennels then your task might

be a bit easier. There are several things you should bear in mind when choosing the best kennel for your


1. The right size: Size is very important when getting a kennel for your canine companion. To begin

with, it should not be too big or too small. It should allow them enough room to stand up, turn

around and lie down comfortably with room to spare. On the other hand, you do not want to get

one that is too big because the dog might compartmentalize the space. Consider this: dogs will not

soil their sleeping area unless they are locked up for a long time without being let out. However, if

their kennel is too big, they may want to turn half into their personal bathroom and the other half

into a sleeping area. Additionally, a large kennel may result in your dog feeling cold rather than cozy.

Therefore, your kennel should be just right in size, accommodating a comfortable sleeping space.

2. Material it is made from: Most kennels are generally made from wood or metal or a combination of

both. There are also plastic kennels, which have been gaining popularity among dog owners. When

choosing the best one for your dog, think about durability and comfort. Wood and metal kennels

have been used for years with very little issues. They are generally durable and provide a realistic

home for dogs, since these materials are present in many human homes and are already known to

dogs as a result. If you are getting wood or metal kennels, choose those that are made from high

quality timber and heavy gauge metal that will not corrode easily. That way, you can provide a home

that your dog will love and enjoy for years to come.


What we recommend:

Able Timber, based in the UK, has been gaining recognition as a builder of high quality wood and metal

kennels. Being a family run business, the company takes the time out to ensure that all kennels are

suited for your dog. To that end, they make kennels from scratch to your specifications as it relates to

the size of your pet. They use pressure-treated lumber and heavy duty galvanized bars to ensure the

house for your furry friend will last a long time. Features of their custom-made kennels include a

separate sleeping area with wipe-clean wooden flooring, heavy duty wooden, felt and metal roofing,

draught excluders and chew strips. Additionally, you get to choose where the doors are placed and the

kennels can be made with side partitions depending on the size.


Able Timber also sells ready-made kennels via eBay. If you need a high quality dog kennel made with

durable materials, you should check them out.