Choosing Pest Control That Is Safe For Cats And Dogs

petsIf you see a cockroach scurry across your floor at home, what is the first thing that you are going to do?  Go out and buy some poison, probably.  Pest control is something that each person looks at differently.  The thing is, there is no right way to look at pest control, but there are ways to make sure that it is safe for your pet.  Since your cat or dog is a member of your family just like everyone else, you want to make sure that his/her best interests are kept in mind.


If you looking for alternative options to poisons that might hurt your best friend, there are some great options out there, and some cautions to think about too.


  • Peppermint oil

A word of warning: If you have cats, this is NOT a safe option.  Cats are known to be sensitive to peppermint, and It can hurt them if they come into contact with it.  Dogs are unaffected, so if you don’t have a cat this is a cheap and easy way to deter pests by simply making them uninterested in coming into your home in the first place.  Find a recipe that works for you, and use the peppermint oil mixture around your windows and doors.  Rodents, and many bugs, hate the smell of the stuff, so they’ll turn around at the door and find another home.


  • Ultrasonic options

A word of warning: If you have cats, this option may affect them because of dogs’ ability to hear high-pitched sound.   There are all sorts of ultrasonic options to take a look at too, if you want to learn some more about how you can use technology to keep your home pest-free.  Cats are not known to be bothered by these ultrasonic options, and they are a good way to make sure that your home is protected from pests without having to deal with harmful chemicals around.


  • Humane traps?

Live traps for rodents do exist and they are much less distressing for the pest (for obvious reasons), and for you (in having to dispose of the body).  If you are into natural alternatives, this is definitely something to consider.  You can easily get live capture mouse and rat control devices from a local pest control company or online.


Of course, having a pet cat or dog is perfect for mouse and rat control themselves! They are an easy and free pest control option.  Your animal will get a good meal out of it, and you’ll be able to sleep easier knowing that Fido or Mittens will get hold off the rodent population before it becomes your problem.