5 Urgent Actions for Lost Pets

When you pet goes missing, you may find yourself very depressed and heartbroken. That’s perfectly understandable, except it won’t really contribute to getting your companion back. In fact, you may be wasting precious time that could be put to good use.

For the sake of your pet, you cannot allow yourself to get lethargic, right now. So do yourself and your pet a favor; hold back on the dark feelings and focus on taking action. This will increase the odds of a happy resolution, and staying busy you will find it easier to manage your feelings. Here’s a list of immediate actions you should make sure to cover:

Ask yourself some questions

Before getting started with the rescue mission, you need to go over the facts. Is your pet lost for sure? Or is there a chance it can be hiding somewhere inside your house? Did you actually see it stray to unknown territory? Do you just have a strong suspicion it ran because the patio door was left opened? Do you have good pictures at hand that you can show to people while going out looking?

Social media

Here’s a perfect place to take the first step. Just write a quick “Have you seen my pet?” post on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks where you’re active and connected to local people. Just put the word out there immediately. Consider creating a group with local friends that you can contact directly asking to spread the word around. Look up lost pet groups in your area of residence and post there as well. This should be done within 1-2 hours from the moment when you noticed your pet is missing.

Missing Flyers

Next up, put together some flyers that you can spread around the neighborhood – feel free to post them on street corners and local stores or gas stations that your neighbors may visit occasionally. Make sure to include a good, clear photo of your pet and include different contacts including phone, e-mail and social media. Write some information about the pet’s temperament and personality so that anyone who happens to spot it knows how to best approach it. Make sure to mention when and where it went missing or was last seen. Print several of these flyers and immediately go around the neighborhood distributing them. Print larger sized posters to place at road intersections.


Reach out to neighbors

Make sure to go over the houses in your neighborhood and ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for your missing pet. Leave them with a few flyers and encourage them to spread the word as well. Make sure to spread out through a few blocks around your home, talking to people in the street and posting flyers whenever possible. People tend to be helpful in this kind of situation, so you need not worry about being pushy. Just make sure you spread the information quickly and clearly.

Lost Pet Alert Services

There are websites like mylostpetalert where you can send out a pet alert that will post on social media for you and generate a lost pet poster for you to print. These websites let you pick between a free basic simple listing or a paid alert package that includes broadcasting your lost pet to your neighbors via phone and locally to Animal Shelters, Veterinarians and similar venues – these services cover a lot of ground for the price and we definitely recommend them.