3 Things to Look For in a Urine Odor Remover

Urine Odor RemoverIf you have pets then chances are you’ll need a urine odor remover for your home at one time or another. Even the best-trained pet can have an accident from time to time, and cats can often spread their used litter onto the floor around them, taking urine odor with it. Dogs can also scratch themselves or just lie down on the carpet and in turn, they can transfer urine onto the fabric, causing your home to have a foul odor you can’t seem to remove.

Thankfully, there are many products that help to eliminate these odors but note that they aren’t all alike and not all of them work as they should or as promised. Before you spend money on a urine odor remover consider a few things you should look for in the product.

  1. It should work on contact.

If you buy any type of control for urine smells or other odors in your home that you need to scrub in order to get them to work, you might as well buy regular carpet shampoo. The right type of remover for pet urine and other such odors will be one that actually neutralizes on contact so that you don’t need to get out a scrub brush and get down on your hands and knees. Using a brush can damage carpet and it may also rub the stain into the fibers, making your efforts counterproductive. Always choose a urine odor remover that works on contact to neutralize odors rather than one that needs to be scrubbed.

  1. It should work to actually neutralize odors.

Some products that promise to eliminate odors actually do nothing but mask them with heavy perfumes and fragrances. This can make your house smell even worse and once those perfumes wear off, the odor of urine may still linger. In some cases those fragrances can be even more irritating to your sinuses since they need to be strong in order to mask the smell of urine.

Be sure you always look for a product that says it actually neutralizes odors and doesn’t just cover them. While some might leave a lingering fragrance after working, they shouldn’t contain fragrance alone.

  1. Note if it works on all organic odors.

Sometimes what you think is a urine smell in your home is actually vomit or feces. If you buy a product that only works on urine, it may not work for your particular stains. Instead, always buy a urine odor remover that advertises as working on all organic odors. This will ensure that it neutralizes the odor no matter the cause and that your home will be left smelling like new.

Remember these four simple but very important tips when you need to shop for a urine odor remover. This will ensure that you find one that works in your home and that gets rid of any odors you may have rather than simply masking their smell. S.U.N. urine odor remover product labelled as a grade A professional odor neutralizer aims for a Do-It-Yourself cleaner that provides professional advice to get professional results.